Trekking / Nordic Walking

Trekking / Nordic Walking

Besides its nearly 2,000km of coastline, Sardinia has many hiking options. Its rugged landscape is dotted with thousands of nuraghi – mysterious Bronze Age stone ruins shaped like beehives. 

Sardinia Best Hiking Trails


  • Sella del Diavolo Hike – Cagliari
  • The Roman Road to Su Cordolinu
  • From Cala Cipolla to Tuerredda
  • From Masua Pan di Zucchero to Cala Domestica
  • Is Cannoneris
  • Sa Spendula


  • Gorropu Canyon
  • Cala Goloritze
  • Oasi Bidderosa


  • Punta Giglio, Porto Conte
  • Asinara National Park
LocationSeveral trail options
Time span4-6 hours
Best suit for groups of 15-300 people
Best TimeAll year around