Survivor‘s goal is to reach the arrival point, completing various task along the route.

This is a motivating activity that highlights the group’s dynamics, and the attitude to leadership.

Participants are put to the test. The synergies of the group, collaboration, comparison and communication are fundamental.

LoactionIn the wood
Time span3-5 hours
Best suit forgroup of 20-300 people
Best TimeAll year around


Participants without cellphones are split into teams of twelve. To each team we provide two Land Rover Defender, two drivers and a trainer in charge for their safety.

The convoy will travel to Giara where each team will be left at different locations.

There, the trainer will deliver them one topographic map of the area and one GPS device essential for the team to reach various waypoints. After a brief brieifing by the trainer about the journey and the use of the GPS, the route will begin.

Along the way each team will deal with five challenges: building a shelter, lighting a fire, purifying some water, getting food and communicating. Most importantly , they will have to retrieve the indications to reach the rescue point where they will find the SUVs waiting for them.