Bicycles for the children

This activity allows participants to build bicycles that will be given to children.

Bicycles for the Children offers the rare opportunity to do something socially useful, with tangible results in terms of team cohesion process.

LoactionHotels' Meeting Spaces
Time span3-5 hours
Best suit forgroup of 20-300 people
Best TimeAll year around

A Social Project

The Game Master provides each team with a kit to build a child bike that must be functional and safe.

It’s all about working together to get a common result. To do so, the group must focuses its energies on finding the right harmony to make a good job done.

The activity is designed to strengthen theh communication, the cooperation, the friendship and the trust in the team.

The moral drive and the tangible feeling of accomplishing something for a good cause, will push the teams to give their best.