Cooking Classes

Our master class of cooking by Sardinian chefs will bring you in the cooking style of Sardinian dishes and – once back home – will allow you to amaze your friends with it. You will be provided with all ingredients and instructions to prepare fresh pasta, the filling for the ravioli and the renowned Malloreddu.

The outcome of the cooking class will be served. You will have the opportunity to taste the dishes you have cooked yourself.

LocationVarious Locations Available
Time span4-8 hours
Best suit forgroup of 10-100 people
Best TimeAll year around


Traditional Sardinian Ravioli

Ravioli with a potato filling has a thousand variations and has grown from family tradition in central Sardinia to IGP (Protected Geographical Indication) recognition.
The Ogliastra Culurgiones are special ravioli stuffed mostly with potatoes. The ingredients, however, can vary sharply depending on the customs of the area where they are made. The first difference is the pasta, which can be made from a mixture of semolina and flour or semolina alone, mixed with warm salted water.

In most of the towns in the area, where the women still know the secrets of its preparation passed down orally from generation to generation, the dough is still rolled out by hand. 


Saffron Sardinian Gnocchi

Malloreddus, or gnochetti Sardi, is the Sardinian word for gnocchi.

The shape of the pasta is similar to cavatelli, but the dough is made with semolina instead of flour, giving the gnocchi a sturdy and toothy texture. Eggs are never included in the dough. Saffron, brought north by the Moors, gives a subtle flavor to the pasta and colors the Malloreddus bright yellow.

At one time it was said that saffron was less expensive than eggs and the spice was used liberally.