Shepherds' Style Lunch

Sitting outdoors among age-old holm oaks, or inside a sheepfold,  to have lunch with a shepherd, is a unique way to get to know Sardinian culture.

This way, the cuisine has a richer taste, you join a “ritual” that has been handed down for generations, and its memory will  last  forever.

Lunch with the shepherds leads to the discovery of the most genuine flavors of this ancient land.

Don’t miss to sip some exquisite local wine.

LoactionVarious Locations Available
Time span2-5 hours
Best suit forgroup of 20-300 people
Best TimeAll year around

Sardinian Shepherd Folding Knife

Sometimes called a Pattada knife, after a town on the large Italian island of Sardinia, our knife is crafted in Italy by skilled knife smiths. Sardinia is historically known for sheep farming, dating back millennia.

This beautiful folding knife can, even today, be found in the pocket of the native herdsmen.

The firm open-and-close action of the willow-leaf-shaped stainless-steel 3-1/4″ blade is a local preference so that pastori – shepherds – don’t worry about a knife accidentally folding up on them.