Olive harvesting

Olive harvesting is a stimulating Eco-friendly activity.

We propose the old fashion style olive harvesting: first you gather the olives in crates, then you go on with the cleaning off process, and finally you take all to the oil mill … from the olive to the bottled oil the process is quick.

It requires a lot of effort, it grants big satisfactions.


LoactionVarious Locations Available
Time span4-8 hours
Best suit forgroup of 30-300 people
Best TimeOctober through March

Get to know it

It can be done either just to learn how to, either as a contest, where the most weight in olives determines the winner Team.

In the mill, after the pressure of the olives the oil will be bottled.

Great option: we can personalize the bottles with your company logo. This way each participant will get a personalized bottle as a souvenir of this particular experience.