Farm Life

In a single day the farmers conduct an orchestra of activities:  first of all preparing the breakfast, then harvesting, hoeing, planting, feeding the animals, milking the cows, making the cheese, chopping the wood, and finally cooking the meal for dinner.

LoactionVarious Locations Available
Time span8 hours 2 days
Best suit forgroup of 10-100 people
Best TimeAll year around

A Day in the Life of a Farm

Day 1, morning

Lunch preparation, helping your hosts cleaning the potatoes, cutting the onions, preparing the meats for the stew, up to the making of both savory and sweet ravioli.


Day 1, afternoon

Pasture, following the shepherd.

Chopping the wood, to light the fireplace but also to cook the typical Sardinian roastbeef.

Cleaning of work rooms, stables, bird and rabbits cages.

Sowing: the time has come to prepare the vegetable garden for sowing.


Day 2, morning

Participants switch to a new activity described on day 1.


Day2, afternoon – Skill tests:

The fence: build a fence with a club, logs and ropes!!

Sa pudda: catch the hen!

Sa Linna: build the highest pile of wood within the set time!

Pasci brebei: a small flock … to move into a corral, time limit.

Hay bales: carrying hay on shoulders is not an easy task!